How To Write An Argumentative Essay Outline

Whether you enjoy debates and arguments against statements or not, there comes in a time in a student’s life where they have to write an argumentative essay.  For many students, this can be an unpleasant experience, but with the right strategy in mind and by taking the correct steps from the very beginning, the entire process can be greatly simplified. Understanding how to set up an outline for the argumentative essay is one of the very first steps to be taken. Here, our assignment writing service takes a look at the argumentative essay outline, what sections to include, and more.

Argumentative Essay Structure

The main focus is to pose opposition to an argument that is stated in the original assignment. There are hundreds of different topics in which the essay may fall within – in some cases, the student may be offered the opportunity to choose their own topic, but there are also many cases where a statement would be provided to the student on which they need to write an argumentative essay on.

The basic structure of an argumentative essay outline for college would be to include the statement against which an argument is being made. Additionally, the paper should then also contain the relevant argument – a complete structure on why an argument is being made. The supporting thesis statement should be accompanied by appropriate references in most cases, in order to provide authority and to make sure that the statements that are provided against the original topic are strong.

It is crucial for students to understand the fact that they should spend some time ensuring their writing is appropriate for the particular topic. Furthermore, judgment is sometimes placed on specific facts – such as whether the student or writer is able to support both the opposing statement and their argumentative statements. This provides evidence that the writer is able to respect both sides of the argument, but also make a strong point of delivering a message as to why they are opposed to the original statement provided in the assignment.

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Argumentative Essay Outline Sections

Even though an assignment might have specific instructions regarding the layout of the paper that need to be written, there is a general guideline that students will need to follow when it comes to compiling this type of assignment. Both the general outline structure, along with any specific guidelines provided within the assignment, should be taken into account to produce an adequate paper that will provide the student with a passing grade.

The general structure of an argumentative essay outline usually follows the following guideline:


The introduction is the first part of the essay. This should be a strong paragraph that hooks the reader – it should immediately get the attention of the reader and ensure they want to continue reading. The student will have to spend some time getting to know the audience they are writing for – each audience will require a specialized approach when it comes to adding a hook in the introductory paragraph of the essay.

Ideally, the reader should be able to have a general understanding of what the paper will be about after they have read the introduction paragraph.


The body of the outline should contain your main arguments. This is a very important part of the essay outline that you are compiling – you need to provide a statement here that is fully supported by the research that you have conducted in order to offer an argument to the original topic that was mentioned in your assignment.

Here, you will have to show the reader why your opposing argument is valid. Once they have read this part of the essay outline, the reader should question their beliefs – consider the reader to be on the opposing side for this part.

Opponent’s Claims

After you have provided an overview of your stance on the subject, you need to add a section that questions the claims made by the opposing party. This would, of course, be the facts that were originally stated in the assignment – the facts that are you setting up an argument against.

Provide a brief overview of the claims that were made by the opponent. Then see how you can question these claims. Remember that the reader may still be questioning your argument at this point. Here, you have the opportunity to make the reader further question their own beliefs.


You end the essay outline with a short, but strong, conclusion. Essentially, this section should really sum up your argumentative essay outline with a powerful point.

An argumentative essay should contain both the opposing claims and your argument, along with appropriate references that back up the claims you make. The outline should provide the reader with a brief overview of what the paper is about and what particular view on the matter you have. Our custom canadian essay writing service can help you!


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